(Formerly, Sharada Sadan College)
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Admission open for B.A., B. Com., BCA, B.A. B.Ed. (4 Year Integrated Course), B. Sc. B.Ed. (4 Year Integrated Course) for the session 2018-2019


Fee Structure
S. No. Particulars B. A. / B. Com. B. C. A.
Part I Part II/ III Part I Part II / III
(A) Tuition Fee 13600/- 14100/- 24300/- 24300/-


(B) Other Charges ( For B. A. / B. Com. / B. C. A. Part I / II / III )
(i) Admission / Re-Admission 600/-  
(ii)  Identity Card  100/-  
(iii)  Games  500/-  
(iv)  Reading Room  300/-  
(v)  Development Fee  300/-  
(vi)  Establishment, Maintenance, Facilities & Other Charges  900/-


(C) Computer Lab Fee 500/-

(Only for B.Com Pt.-III Students of Computerized Accounting Subject)

(D)  Geography Lab  2000/-  (For Geography Students only)
(E)  Caution Money  500/-  (For New students only, Refundable)
(F)  T. C. Charges  200/-  
(G)  C. C. Charges  150/-  



  1. Fee of column (A), (C) & (D) will be paid by students of B. A. / B. Com./B.C.A. in two equal installment (1st at the time of admission & 2nd in November).
  2. Scholarship of 25% of Tusion Fee only will be provided to Girls of B.A./B.Com. Pt II / III (for new admission only). The Scholarship will be provided to only those girls who deposit full fee at the time of admission. 
  3. Scholarship of Rs. 1500/- will be provided to Girls of B.A./B.Com. Pt-II / III (Old Students).
  4. Fee may be changed during the session any time.
  5. Each & every student will deposit 12 months tution fee while he/she takes admission in any month of the session.
  6. If a student of B. A. / B. Com./ B.C.A. Pt-I/II/III deposit fee after 30th November of the Year/Session then Rs. 500/- will be charged per month as late fee.
  7. Each and every student will clear his/her all type of college dues before leaving the college/applying for the T.C., otherwise the T.C. will not be issued to him/her.
  8. Caution money may be received by the student within one year after leaving the college after having no dues certificate from the college.
  9. If total fee / charges are deposited at the time of admission 5% discount  will be provided to the student.